Here is what you need to do to earn the Bobcat rank:

1. Learn the cub scout promise:
I [say your name] promise
to do my best
to do my duty to God
and my country
to help other people, and
to obey the law of the pack.

Complete the Honesty Character Connection

a.  Know — Discuss with your family:
What is a promise? What does it mean to “keep your word?” What does honesty mean? What does it mean to do your best?

b.  Commit — Discuss with your family:
Why is a promise inportant? Why is it important for people to trust you when you give your word? When would it be hard to keep your word? Give some examples.

c.  Practice — Discuss with your family:
Why it it imporant to be trustworthy and honest and how you can do your best to be honest when you are doing the activities in Cub Scouting.

2. learn and say the law of the pack:
The Cub Scout follows Akela
The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives good will.

3. Tell What Webelos means.
(We’ll be loyal scouts)

4. Make the Cub Scout sign and tell what it means.

5. Show the Cub Scout hand shake and tell what it means.

6. Say the Cub Sout motto:
“Do Your Best”

7. Give the Cub Scout salute and tell what it means.

8. With your parents, read and complete the Bobcat requirements in the section “How to Protect Your Children From Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.”