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Here is a story I wrote about my little brother for the “Jot it Down” requirement #18f. It says to write a story about something you have done with your family.

He is funny. He also is fun! He is also trying to hide. I said, “Where are you Zach?” He pops out and he acts like a monster! It’s funny. I laugh! He used to fall down and say ow and get back up! He tries to grab stuff from people it is funny! My sister Alex chases him if he grabs him mom says no. I say n-o Zach says n-o. He tries to play on the computer it is funny. Most of all I love him so much. He gets a pillow and acts like he is a sleep. He tries to go outside He also likes Sponge Bob square-pants.

My To Do List

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I made a to do list for two days for “Jot It Down” achievement. That is #8a on the Bear trail. You can look at it by clicking here. 

A Report of Bobby Fischer

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One of my favorite things is chess. I go to a chess club at the library every week and teach other kids how to play. I hve been playing since I was 5. To earn the chess pin and belt loop, I read about Bobby Fischer and made a report.

Bobby’s reel name is Robert James Fischer. He was born in Chicago, Illinois; he was born near Lake Michigan, and His father Gerhardth Fischer was born in Berlin, Germany in 1909 he was a biophysicist, His mother was Regina Wender.

They separated when Bobby was 2 years old, and Regina had custody of Bobby and his older sister Joan who was then 7 years old. She was a qualified registered Nurse and wanted to take a Master’s Degree at New York University in Nursing Education. She decided to move to Brooklyn. It is there that the legend of the world’s greatest chess player begins.

On May 1949, Bobby and his sister Joan learned how to play the game with a Chess set given to them as a present, Bobby became fascinated with Chess. By age seven, he was so thoroughly absorbed that his mother became worried. “Bobby isn’t interested in anybody unless they play Chess and there just aren’t many children who like it,” she once said.

She also tried putting an ad in the Brooklyn Eagle to find other kids Bobby’s age who would come and play Chess with him. On January 17, 1951 Bobby played a game against Master Max Pavey who was giving a simultaneous exhibition and Bobby lost in 15 minutes. A few weeks later Bobby joined the Brooklyn Chess Club, headed by Mr. Carmine Nigro, President of the Brooklyn Chess Club and for the next few years he rarely missed a Friday evening.

In 1953, Bobby Fischer played his first Chess tournament at the Brooklyn Chess Club Championship when he was ten, he placed fifth. In 1955, Bobby score 4 ½ – 3 ½ in a Washington Square Park Swiss tournament. On May he scored three points in the U.S. Amateur Championship in New York. He joined the Manhattan Chess club in June, 1955 and soon won the class C championship and the class B Championship. He often was given the opportunity of playing against the Club’s finest masters! When he defeated the Grandmaster. On July he won 2 games, drew 6 games, and lost 2 games at the U.S. Junior Championship in Nebraska. He took 3rd place in the U.S. Junior Speed Championship.

On March 1956, Bobby traveled with the Log Cabin Chess Club to Cuba and gave a simultaneous exhibition at the Capablanca Chess Club. His U.S.C.F. rating was published at 1726. On April he won the class A Championship at the Manhattan Chess Club. On May he played in the U.S. Amateur Championship in Asbury Park, New Jersey, winning three games, drawing two, and losing one. At thirteen, he was the youngest player in the event.

Blue Jays

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I made a poster about Blue Jays to fill the Sharing Your World with Wildlife” achievement. That is #5a on the Bear trail. You can see it by clicking here. 


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I’m a cub scout and I’m writing a blog. I want to write about what I have been doing in scouts with my den and some activities that I have done on my own to complete the scouting requirements. The latest activity was the pinewood derby. My car was called the firebird. I got fourth place, but if I had gotten just a tiny little bit faster I would have gotten second place. Here is a picture of my car:

The Frightful Firebird

I have been working on assignments from the Bear trail. I am just about done with that and I’ll be moving on to Webelos after my birthday in December. Some activities I really enjoyed were when we went to day camp. There was a store and other places. When I was at day camp, I earned the science belt loop. We made gloop out of flour and water as a science experiment. I also earned the BB gun Shooting belt loop by shooting a bb gun, and I earned the archery belt loop. While I was shooting the arrows, I almost got a bulls eye, but the arrow bounced right off! Other belt loops I have earned during den meetings are the badminton belt loop and the volleyball belt loop. I have also earned the chess belt loop by participating in a local chess club.

If you are learning about trains, like how I did in my den, we made a train out of marshmallows, with pretzels and frosting. The wheels were made out of round crackers. It was a good snack!

I helped my mom make a compost bin and we made compost. We also had rabbits that I took care of, and we used their poop in the compost for the garden.

I have also done a bunch of things on my own that I will show you how to do in my blog. I made clay marbles, beads, boondoggles (also known as gimp), a birdhouse, and knitted hats on a knitting loom. I have been working on collecting marbles, state quarters and other coins, rocks, sports cards, and books.

Some of the projects I am planning for the future are making a garden, where we will grow cantaloupe, watermelon, flowers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, squash, and strawberries. I am also planning on trying to build a miniature greenhouse, doing astronomy and whether experiments, and I would like to try building a radio and doing some experiments with electricity.

You can read about it more in my blog!