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There are few things as stressful as being charged with a crime. With the power of the government against you and the possibility of losing your freedom looming it can be overwhelming. At a time like this you need an experienced attorney who will fight for you. Monu Law Firm provides unparalleled expertise in the field of criminal defense litigation. Each of the attorneys in the Group brings their own unique expertise along with a significant amount of trial experience.
We have gathered together a stellar group of attorneys in our criminal law practice. Each member contributes his or her own unique skills to the Practice Group and, as a result, our success has grown significantly through the free exchange of ideas and experiences. The Practice Group has enjoyed success at many levels of the criminal court system including the Ontario Court of Justice, Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Appeal.
Our Practice Group possesses extensive experience in arguing Charter and Interlocutory motions. Members of our firm have helped shape Charter law and its interpretation. Complex issues such as search and seizures and warrants have been successfully argued at the highest courts.
There are few basic things you should know about criminal law. Criminal law is the body of law that helps regulate social conduct and addresses the fit punishment for threatening and harmful behavior. That is behavior which endangers the health, safety and moral welfare of human beings. The two most important elements of this body of law involve the actus reus – or the prohibited act, and mens rea or guilty mind, also referred to as the intent to do a prohibited act. It is important to note that proof of both is required for the prosecution to secure a conviction. There are some crimes, such as modern regulatory offences, that require no more than a prohibited act and they are known as strict liability offences. Criminal offences may proceed summarily, by indictment or either / or, in the case of hybrid offences. The potential consequences for an accused and the mode of trial depend upon the designation type of the offence. This is why the advice of an experienced criminal law lawyer is critical for anyone facing criminal charges. It is also important to note that there is no capital punishment in Canada.

Criminal defense law and Charter litigation are constantly growing and becoming more complex. Don’t face that alone. You can count on our team to be up to date and ready to defend your rights and mount your best defense.

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