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Hire a reliable team of lawyers to handle your sensitive family law issues


Monu Law office has a team of experienced family lawyers who are dedicated to the practice of Family Law; including divorces, child custody and support matters, adoptions, and equitable division of assets. We handle your sensitive and vital family law issues and work hard to get you the outcome you want. We know how stressful and emotional it is when a family breaks apart. Separations are times of emotional upheaval and they require that you deal with tough negotiations and difficult decisions. Your emotions may interfere with your ability to make the best decisions for you and your family. With the expert advice of our family lawyers you will be able to make informed choices. We will help you to determine the best way to handle the issues in your case. We will assist and advise you regarding your rights and obligations, explain what outcomes you may expect to achieve, and outline the costs involved. With our help you will develop a strategy that will lead to the best outcome for you and your family. Our family lawyers have a great deal of experience arguing family law issues before the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice and the Divisional Court. While this experience in litigating family law issues and bringing them before the court is highly beneficial it is not the only important experience we have. Our lawyers are also highly experienced in mediating family law issues. The process of mediation is often the best way to resolve family law issues and that makes our experience with the mediation process a valuable part of what we offer our family law clients. It is important to the lawyers of our family law team that our clients feel informed and confident when they make important decisions regarding their families.

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