I’m a cub scout and I’m writing a blog. I want to write about what I have been doing in scouts with my den and some activities that I have done on my own to complete the scouting requirements. The latest activity was the pinewood derby. My car was called the firebird. I got fourth place, but if I had gotten just a tiny little bit faster I would have gotten second place. Here is a picture of my car:


I have been working on assignments from the Bear trail. I am just about done with that and I’ll be moving on to Webelos after my birthday in December. Some activities I really enjoyed were when we went to day camp. There was a store and other places. When I was at day camp, I earned the science belt loop. We made gloop out of flour and water as a science experiment. I also earned the BB gun Shooting belt loop by shooting a bb gun, and I earned the archery belt loop. While I was shooting the arrows, I almost got a bulls eye, but the arrow bounced right off! Other belt loops I have earned during den meetings are the badminton belt loop and the volleyball belt loop. I have also earned the chess belt loop by participating in a local chess club.

If you are learning about trains, like how I did in my den, we made a train out of marshmallows, with pretzels and frosting. The wheels were made out of round crackers. It was a good snack!

I helped my mom make a compost bin and we made compost. We also had rabbits that I took care of, and we used their poop in the compost for the garden.

I have also done a bunch of things on my own that I will show you how to do in my blog. I made clay marbles, beads, boondoggles (also known as gimp), a birdhouse, and knitted hats on a knitting loom. I have been working on collecting marbles, state quarters and other coins, rocks, sports cards, and books.

Some of the projects I am planning for the future are making a garden, where we will grow cantaloupe, watermelon, flowers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, squash, and strawberries. I am also planning on trying to build a miniature greenhouse, doing astronomy and whether experiments, and I would like to try building a radio and doing some experiments with electricity.

You can read about it more in my blog!