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You work hard over the course of your life to build a secure future for yourself, your children and grandchildren. It is important to preserve what you have built and create a lasting legacy. That is why you should give careful consideration to drafting a will. We have dedicated attorneys who specialize in wills and estates. They will help you create a will that protects your estate and makes your wishes for the distribution of your estate clear.
What is a will and why is it so important? A will is a last declaration of your wishes ranging from property and guardianship of children to funeral services. A will provides a clear directions as to the manner in which your estate will be distributed. If you don’t leave a will the law mandates who will benefit from your estate and you are effectively silenced. Your beneficiaries may not the people you would choose if you don’t leave a will. Without a will your estate will be in limbo while someone is appointed to be in charge of your estate. This will waste time and your estate’s money. In some cases the uncertainty may cause disputes among your beneficiaries. With a carefully prepared will, you determine how your affairs will be settled.
You need a will for your business affairs as well. You need to think about what will happen to your business after your death. This is particularly true if you want to pass your business on to your heirs. Your business affairs should not be neglected when reviewing your will.
Wills help you with estate planning. Estate planning is the process by which an individual arranges for the disposition of an estate during their lifetime. A properly drafted will can eliminate future uncertainties over the administration of property, financial assets, taxes and other expenses associated with an estate, etc. If you die without a will, the law of intestacy applies on how your property and assets will be handled, which means that you lose significant control over what happens to the money, possessions and real estate you leave behind. Where children are involved, a Public Trustee may also be appointed to govern care and control over them. That may not be the individual or individuals you would like to care for your children and look after their future. A properly drafted will provides a peace of mind to those you are concerned for and clarity in the distribution of assets. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to ensure that your wishes are clear and your estate is distributed according to those wishes. Our highly skilled lawyers will help you with creating your will.

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